Thirteen Weeks, Week 10: Perspective

Well, 10 weeks into my personal 13-week challenge, I have to say it has turned out to be even more of a roller coaster ride than I expected. After last week’s confessional post One week later I can report that my weight holds steady at 168. I’ll take that. I’m still testing positive for being in ketosis. My blood sugar continues to fluctuate.

But for the past week I have felt adrift in a sea of information, challenges, successes, questions and disappointments. I took a break from testing my blood sugar over the weekend, and didn’t control my diet as tightly as usual. I have to laugh at what that means today, compared to what it would have meant before my two-week hospital stay back in October. A couple of times I indulged in two no-sugar-added popsicles instead of one. On multiple occasions I enjoyed a snack of pork rinds with a ramekin of salsa and sour cream, rather than eating them plain. I ate an extra 1/4 cup serving of nuts here and there.

Less than a year ago, those “indulgences” would have consisted of having a pile of mashed potatoes plus a couple of rolls with dinner. Two warm apple fritters topped with whipped cream for dessert. A burger at Five Guys that included sharing one of their absolutely huge orders of fries with Brian.

You get the picture.

The point is that, even in this relatively short period of time, it’s already like living in a different body, and I’m still completely a work in progress. In these ten weeks I’ve lost 14 pounds (45 since leaving the hospital), entered a state of ketosis, and gone off all medication.

I may not be where I want and need to be quite yet, but I can walk by the bakery section, snack aisle, et. al., at the grocery store, and not crave the carbs I ate with abandon less than a year ago.


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