Thirteen Weeks, Week 6: Patience is a Virtue

Last week I reported that I had decided to take the plunge and go off my diabetes meds entirely, although my doctor was not in agreement with this decision.

Well, I have many bits and pieces of good news to share. I’ll start, as usual, with my weight: I’m down 4 pounds to 176 this week, after several yo-yo weeks.

My low, symptomatic blood pressure readings have been almost non-existent; just a couple of lower morning readings, but with a much milder version of the dramatic symptoms low blood pressure usually brings for me. That’s a big one, as getting up and taking care of the usual morning routine had become an arduous near impossibility for a while.

Brian and I were also able to double the length of our calisthenics workout last week. In addition, I had enough energy to initiate a lunchtime walk (20-30 minutes) instead of using most of my break to take a nap. The exercise, I know, was good for me, as well as making my afternoons at the computer more energetic and enjoyable. Win-win.

My overall physicality was also markedly improved this week. The dizziness and loss of balance I had been experiencing since coming home from the hospital all but disappeared. I had more energy and felt better after a trip out to the store than I had since before being in the hospital. And I observed a noticeable improvement in flexibility and mobility in general.

I haven’t had any c. diff. “episodes” for about 2 1/2 weeks.

The one place where I’m really having to force myself to be patient for results is with my actual blood sugar readings. As I reported last week, for the first couple of days I experienced a very slight increase in blood glucose (in the 100-112 range). Since last week’s post, it has steadily climbed. The highest was yesterday, at 171. Tried not to freak out. Partially successful. Today’s readings were in the 140s-150s.

Brian and I agreed to give this 3-4 weeks before we reassess and make any further decisions. It’s tough, I’ll admit. As much as I hate injecting that insulin into my already confused (I’ve been working on that for years) system, it makes me feel a little panicked to see those numbers after enjoying numbers in the 85-100 range for a stretch.

Hence the Patience is a Virtue mantra. Waiting is one of the hardest things to do in the world which, I’m sure, is why it seems so, well, hard. Brian keeps reminding me that it took years to get my body into this state…it would be rather unrealistic to expect to get it out of this state in a day or two.

Hard. But hanging in there!

Hang in there(1)

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