Serenity Now! Macaroni and Cheese Edition

Please don’t think I’m recommending that anyone trying to live a low carb lifestyle eat macaroni and cheese of any sort. Avoid it like the plague.

It is worth noting, however, the tricks that food producers use to get people to purchase their products without considering/knowing just how unhealthy they really are. Case in point: macaroni and cheese.

We were shopping at Meijer recently when I noticed a box of “organic” macaroni and cheese on the shelf. Knowing that macaroni equals mega-carbs equals mega no-no, I thought I’d look at the competition just for fun.

This is the Meijer store brand of macaroni and cheese. It has a whopping 47 grams of carbs per serving.

So how about the Annie’s Organic Shells and Cheddar?

mj holds annies

It says “Back to Nature” and “USDA Certified” right on the box — it must be better for you, right?

mj annies carb shock better

Wait just a minute! This “healthier” one has got 58 carbs!

annies carbs close up

Plus more sugars and more sodium. But it is lower in cholesterol…

Watch your labels folks…watch your labels!

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