Chicharone Crumbs

One of the funnest and grooviest things we’ve come up with since we habla’d adios to carbs are these easy, tasty, and dad useful Chicharone* crumbs. If like me you’ve been a good little low carber and have been stuffing pork rinds into your use-ta-be fat face every so often you will collect a gaggle of bags of partially kinda stale pork rinds… Let’em build up and when you can’t stand it any more, or your wife threatens bodily harm…

stale bags

Dust off your trusty food processor and don’t overfill the bowl with stale rinds and grind…

food processor

The trick, if there is one, is to just grind the hell out of them until they are quite fine in texture…

bowl close up

Stick’em in a bag and seal it up good…


You can of course use differently flavored varieties for different things. We’ve found you can use these pretty much in any place you would use bread crumbs.

Chicharone Crusted Pork Chops

Mozzarella sticks coated with Chicharone Crumbs

*Chicharone is just the more funlier way of saying Pork Rinds.

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