Thirteen Weeks, Week 4: Stuck in the Middle Again


Not hah-funny, but more like hah-alrighty-then.

Last week I reported that I was back down to 180 pounds from 182. Yesterday morning’s visit to my primary care doc revealed I was back up to 182. Trying not to be too disappointed at the classic yo-yo effect on a week by week basis.

I have to keep reminding myself that this is a process, not a race. As one specialist pointed out several weeks ago, my old bod has been through some pretty hefty changes over the past few months, and it will take some time to adjust.

The weight is a good example of this. Another case in point: my blood sugar. I’ve experienced a bit of a roller coaster this week. I had been hoping that yesterday’s visit to the doc would bring another lowering of my Lantus dosage, but no such luck. I’ve been largely in the 95-115 range for several weeks after bumping it down from 32 to 24 units daily. These last few days, though, I’ve had a couple of 140s and even a 162 one morning. Haven’t seen those numbers in a couple of months. The weird thing is that I can have three readings in the same day that are right around 100, then have one that’s much higher, and I can’t clearly attribute it to anything specific.

That said, we did eat out several times over the stretch of days that have been higher, although I was still careful about carbs. I also have some sort of stomach issue (bug? food poisoning?) going on since yesterday. Either or both could have affected my glucose readings.

But the upshot is that I do feel stuck in the middle again. Weight going up, weight going down, but not really going anywhere. Ditto for the blood sugar.

And then there is the range of responses and advice from the cadre of doctors I’ve been seeing. Most of the docs have been quite excited about my new and improved Hemoglobin A1C readings — my primary was not so enthusiastic yesterday, warning me that it could be falsely low due to being anemic — something I didn’t even hear from the hematologist, for goodness’ sake! She also flatly stated that I’d always be on high blood pressure medicine for the protection it provides against kidney damage — just two weeks after the kidney specialist told me that my progress meant I might one day be off those meds and not even need to see him anymore.

Between the markings on my scales. Between the readings on my glucometer. Between one doctor and another. Stuck in the middle again.

But here is my takeaway from this week of ups and downs: the middle is a much better place than the beginning. And that’s all the encouragement I need to move forward this week so I can report back to you when the end of Week 5 gets here…and for the eight weeks after that until I’ve got thirteen weeks worth of ups and downs to share.

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