Thirteen Weeks, Week 2: Confounding the Docs

Well, I’ve had follow-up appointments with two specialists since last week’s update.

The first was with the hematologist/oncologist I started up with while in the hospital. I have a case of as-yet-unexplained anemia. As is often the case with me, enough to be concerning, but not enough to provide an answer as to why. (!) This was an encouraging visit, the takeaway being that good changes are happening in my body and I need to give it more time for normal functions to come back after years on the blood sugar roller coaster. I needed a little encouragement, as my weight was actually up by 2 pounds.

Charlie Martin has a great piece up (the latest in his Thirteen Weeks odyssey, from which I shamelessly stole the structure to share my own progress!) this week. I not only added a new word to my vocabulary, but also got more to chew on about the changes to which the hematologist had referred. All manner of changes are going on in my body right now, and it is constantly trying to adjust to them and get back to ground zero of normal bodily function after all these years when I’ve been throwing it for a loop. It took me years to get to this point. I can hardly expect it to bounce back in a couple of months! More on that to come in a later post.

It was the second visit of the week, however, that brought a grin to both my face and Brian’s. I saw the kidney guy on Friday, my first visit having been back in November about a month out of the hospital. After discussing the low blood pressure issues I’m battling, along with the single, reduced dose of high blood pressure medication on which I currently remain, we started talking lab work. The doc mentioned that he wanted to check my Hemoglobin A1C to see where I was in comparison to the November visit.

He nearly fell out of his chair when I shared that about a month ago my primary care doc had ordered the test with a result of 5.4…just three months after it was a whopping 11.1 when I was admitted to the hospital. He pretty much freaked out, albeit in a much more positive way than the infectious disease doc, when he found out that I attributed the success to a strict LCHF lifestyle. The nephrologist, as well as another doc who came with him, were beside themselves at this news, and he said if I kept going like this I might not even need to see him anymore.

Well, lo & behold, my lab results from Friday showed up in my online account Monday morning, and guess what? In the month since the last test, my A1C has dropped from 5.4 to 4.9! I ran out to the dining room to tell Brian as soon as I read the number (and pinched myself), and we woohooed it up.


When my primary care doc saw the initial drop, we lowered my 24-hour insulin dose from 32 to 24. Now I can’t wait to see her again in two week’s time, as I have a feeling we’re going to bump it down again — one step closer to the end goal of getting off it entirely.

And, of course, there was only one way to celebrate this LCHF victory in the middle of the day: with a delicious impromptu lunch of tiny sausages with spicy mustard and deep fried mozzarella sticks (pork rind crust) with ranch dressing.

mj celebrates

A woohoo lunch worthy of woohoo news!

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