A Thirteen Week Program of My Own

Charlie Martin over at PJ Media has a great series going about changing his lifestyle to improve his health, tracking and reporting his results as he goes, and using a series of 13-week time frames to set goals and remain accountable. I think it’s a great idea..so much so that I’ve decided to adopt it myself.

So today I’ll start off by encapsulating the time since I got out of the hospital on October 23rd. So that makes my first chunk of time 16 weeks, rather than 13, but I think that’s good enough for rock ‘n roll.

Like Charlie, I want to set goals for and keep track of my weight loss and blood sugar. Additional goals are to decrease medication (with a final goal of eliminating them altogether) — in particular insulin & Metformin for diabetes, as well as high blood pressure medication.

So here are my side-by-side comparisons from my hospital stay (October 10-23) until today, February 12:

10/23 weight = 213
2/12 weight = 182

10/10 hemoglobin A1C = 11.1
1/22 (last reading) hemoglobin A1C = 5.4

10/23 taking 38 units long acting insulin daily + fast acting as needed
2/12 taking 24 units long acting insulin daily + 0 units fast acting insulin

10/23 came home taking 40mg of Lisinopril daily; quickly added daily doses of Atenolol and Diovan
2/12 taking 10mg of Lisinopril daily; all others discontinued

***As an addendum to the blood pressure success, doctors have spent a couple of months now trying to figure out why my blood pressure is going as low as it is. I almost never get a high reading anymore, and am still on the Lisinopril primarily for the protection it provides for my already damaged kidneys.***

Like Charlie, I seriously want to add exercise to my goals, but am not going to do so officially until we get this low blood pressure thing straightened out. Right now I can’t do it consistently or hard enough to track it meaningfully. I also hereby add achieving and maintaining a state of ketosis to my goals for the next 13 weeks.

I will be mirroring Charlie’s work by checking in weekly, with another Moment of Truth at the end of 13 weeks on May 14th.

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6 comments on “A Thirteen Week Program of My Own

  1. I’m please and very honored that I’m helping. I linked the 13 Weeks facebook page with my name, and keep watching the PJM column, as I’ve got some other new stuff coming.

    And congratulations, it looks like you’re doing briliantly.

  2. Go Michelle!! Best wishes to you, you’ve already accomplished so much!

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