The Neverending Quest for Fat

For all the years I tried this, that and the other diet — for all the years I spent following the medical “wisdom” of eating a low fat diet for weight loss and good health — I never thought I’d struggle to find ways to add MORE fat to my diet.

Yet that’s where I found myself a couple of weeks ago. My weight loss had hit a plateau and it was giving me the blues. Not helping was the fact that two of the many generic symptoms I’m experiencing, for which the docs have yet to find a cause, are loss of appetite and nausea.

I’ve always been a breakfast eater. Always been an eater, period. But I just haven’t been getting hungry like I used to. Could it just be adjusting to the LCHF diet, or is it related to something else as-yet-undiscovered that’s going on in my body?

I don’t know, but what I do know is that I recently got to the point where I couldn’t face eating breakfast most days. On top of that, I’ve been experiencing symptomatic low blood pressure that is at its worst first thing in the morning, and I often don’t have the energy or strength to take a shower, let alone stand in front of the stove and cook breakfast.

Enter the delight of Bulletproof Coffee. Brian discovered it online first and told me about it. It sounded gross to me (I’m certainly not alone in that initial reaction), but he convinced me to try it.

The verdict? Coffee+butter+coconut oil=delicious!

Not only has it increased the percentage of my total calories that come from fat, but I’ve lost 4 pounds since I visited the doctor 2 weeks ago.

I’m hoping to discover that I’ve now entered a ketogenic state. The last time I checked (several weeks ago) the test strip came up negative. After briefly losing the bottle of test strips (don’t ask!), we just found them. Fingers crossed…

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