Freaking Your Doctor Out with LCHF

I recently paid a visit to the infectious disease doc I’ve been seeing since I was in the hospital a few months back. I’ve been battling a raging case of c diff (still persisting, I’m sorry to report), and this was the latest follow-up.

He’s a very personable and likeable guy — one of my favorites among the vast array of doctors I’ve seen in recent months trying to figure out what the heck is going on with my bod. But here’s the fun part…

During the course of the visit I shared that my Hemoglobin A1C level had gone from a frightening 11.1 back in October when I was admitted to the hospital to an impressive 5.4 a couple of weeks ago. His eyebrows shot up in surprise and he exclaimed over how wonderful that was, assuring me that most diabetics struggle for months and months to see it go down by even 1 or 2. He made no attempt to hide his surprise.

Then he made his fatal mistake: he asked me to what I attributed the success.

His pleased surprise quickly turned to skeptical resistance when I replied that it was our low carb high fat lifestyle. He clearly didn’t like my answer (think Naughton’s doctor not liking his cholesterol levels after eating fast food for a month). Even when I added that I’ve lost about 35 pounds. Not even when Brian chimed in that he’d lost nearly 100.

Yet I have no trouble believing that many folks struggle to get their A1C down when they leave the hospital or doctor’s office, as I did a few months ago, with the instruction to take insulin, take pills, and eat 60 grams of carbs per meal. Frankly, I’m amazed they can even get it down a point or two with the advice of most medical professionals, including doctors, but especially nutritionists and diabetes counselors who worship at the low fat temple. And forget about the weight loss that will help get your body back to a state of regulating itself.

But don’t think we’re through with the poor doc. Now that we’ve cracked open the LCHF door, we’re already talking about how to bust it wide open.

You guessed it: he’s been added to our list of recipients the next time we invest in a supply of Taubes books. Couldn’t happen to a nicer doc.

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