Ancel Keys and the High Carb Starvation experiment

A very cool video presentation by Medical student and creator of Photocalorie (which seems almost indecently groovy) on the ever problematic Ancel Keys…

This is fifteen minutes well spent. I’m always stunned and taken aback when reminded of Mr. Keys sheer mendaciousness and general doucheness! The funny part is he was so fantastically malicious that when you try to relate the vastness of his dishonesty to people they refuse to believe it because it seems beyond belief that one man could cause so much damage. He’s like the Godzilla of nutrition and he’s still knocking down buildings even from the grave, yay?

And back to the subject of the video, something that struck me in the movie Fathead was when he mentioned that the only times he felt depressed were when he cut out meat and fat. Interesting to see that rear it’s ugly head again in this presentation. I have to wonder, just how many people that are taking anti-deppressants and other serious medication might simply require the reintroduction of fat into their diet? It’s an interesting thought, no?

H/T The Denver Diet Doctor

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