This Just In: Eggs Are Good For You!

Ask yourself this: if they were really doing actual, honest to goodness science would they keep flip-flopping like this?

Egg yolks are high in cholesterol, but a new analysis adds to the evidence that they are not the dietary sin we once thought they were. The review suggests that for most people, eating one egg a day is not bad for the heart.

Researchers reviewed eight prospective studies including 263,938 subjects and pooled the data for analysis. They found no evidence that eating up to an egg a day increased the risk of heart disease or stroke. The results were the same for men and women and in all age ranges.

Diabetic patients were the only exception. For them, high egg consumption was associated with an increased risk of heart disease and a reduced risk for hemorrhagic stroke. But there were too few diabetics in the studies to draw reliable conclusions.

I believe that at some point they (the scientists) decided that 2 + 2 = 5 and so long as they keep basing everything they do on these false premises they will keep being ‘surprised by reality.

Not only isn’t fat not harmful it is beneficial and I wonder just how long the medical establishment will continue putting people in danger and damaging their health by continuing to promulgate this lie?

And it’s not just one lie, it’s several. Fat is just the beginning. How about the many lies regarding cholesterol? Or the insanity we experienced of nutritionists and diabetic counselors telling Michelle, a diabetic, to make sure to eat enough carbs!

And why? Where did this lie come from and why is the medical establishment so hell bent to protect it?

LIVESTRONG has a good mythbuster on eggs here.

Slightly OT: we’ve been getting out eggs from a local couple who live on the edge of the city. it’s kind of cool to see the chickens when you pick up the eggs. The eggs are spectacular by the way and we only pay about sixty cents more a dozen for them. We should be out there this Tuesday and I’ll try to get a couple of pictures to post for y’all.

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