Another Win For Vegaltarianism?

From a Vietnam travelogue

I was traveling in Vietnam in late December and early January, and this is what I saw with my own eyes, first hand. And this is what the people I interviewed told me. On the issue of meat and aggressiveness, perhaps that was not as well phrased as it should have been. But eating a diet rich in protein will make you more robust than others, in Laos, Cambodia and other Southeast Asian states who eat rice and very little else. After all half of Laotian children grow up stunted, even today. In Cambodia the rate is 40 percent. That means they grow up short and not so smart.

It’s a funny thing but the truth has a nasty habit of remaining true even when it’s not popular.

PS: This modern habit of decrying as racist factual observations of other cultures, to me, is the height of arrogance and seems to me a pretty likely indicator of oikophobia on the part of the critic not racism on the part of the writer. But that’s just me, what say you?

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