Is NYC’s Soda Ban Racist?

One of the odder stories I’ve come across lately

The first courtroom arguments in the closely watched case ended without an immediate ruling. Opponents said they planned to ask a judge to delay enforcement during the suit, which has broached questions of racial fairness alongside arguments about government authority and burdens to business. *snip*

The NAACP and the Hispanic Federation, an organization of 100 Northeastern groups, say their concern is that minority-owned delis and corner stores will end up at a disadvantage compared with grocery chains.

Needless to say filthy lucre rears it’s ugly head…

But others questioned the advocacy groups’ links to the soda companies whose fight they’ve joined. Among the ties:

– Coca-Cola announced last month it was giving a $100,000 grant to the national NAACP to support a healthy-lifestyles program

– PepsiCo gave the group more than $10,000 in 2010, according to the soda maker’s website.

– Former Hispanic Federation President Lillian Rodriguez Lopez left for a job at Coca-Cola in in February.

– The groups were represented Wednesday by a firm that also has represented Coca-Cola. The firm, King & Spalding, is representing the advocacy groups for free, lawyer Ann M. Cook said.

What do I think? Let me start with this, I hate casual accusations of racism. And I doubt racism has much to do with this issue. And I hate throwing accusations of racism around as a tactic, hate it.

That said, I’m not a big fan of this kind of government intrusion. Why? Well how about 90% of our dietary problems today were caused or encouraged by the government in one form or another? So how does the same entity that caused the problem solve it?

Answer: It can’t.

Know what I’d rather see? How about the government stop lying to people and telling them that carbs are good for them to sell more American grown grains? How would that be?

How about an educational program geared to help average Americans understand that fat is good for you?

The way I see it that no matter how good the intent is when uncle gubmint gets involved somehow, someway they will get it exactly backwards every single time.

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