Plateau’s And The Vision Thang!

Is there any more dreaded word in the dieters lexicon?  I think not.  After about a year of doing the diet, with the usual ups and downs, we have definitely hit a plateau.

It’s interesting that no matter how willing you are to do whatever God asks you will always be asked to go further.  We both now feel we need to give up things that we’re loath to give up, funny how that works, no?   And I think we both felt like we’d already given up so much but the truth is that we both clung onto small things.  For me it’s diet soda and sweetened drinks.  You’ll have to ask MJ what hers are.

I’m just so used to drinking sweetened beverages and desserts I honestly don’t know what to replace them with.  We’d like to cut out fake sweeteners but how can you possibly do lchf, specifically induction levels of carbs without fake sweeteners?

The non-fun answer is you probably can’t.

But we’re so programmed to eat this way.  I’ve been drinking Cokes and other sweetened beverages since I was a small child and I just cannot quite envision not doing so.  And we both have a habit of a little something sweet after the meal.  That is one of the great challenges of this diet.  Re-imagining not just what we eat but, perhaps more importantly, how we eat.

This way of eating in the first world with lots of carbs, sugars, processed foods, breads, pastas, candies, etc., is so ingrained it’s hard to visualize  eating in a different way.  That is actually what we’re trying to do here, imagine a whole new way of eating.  And it’s amazing how much of this is simply psychological.

There’s no particular reason we eat what we do, how we do, et al.  But to eat in a better way requires enough imagination to envision a new way of doing things.  Can we do it?  Well, that’s the question isn’t it?

What say you?




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