Confessions of a Whipped Cream Lover

Jello without whipped cream? Unthinkable!

Or is it?

That is my dilemma (as inconsequential as it may sound) right now. The question we’ve been researching — although we have yet to find a definitive answer — is Does dairy product consumption inhibit weight loss and maintenance of a ketogenic state?

My blood sugars are under pretty tight control, so now I really want to focus on losing some additional weight. So we decided to go back to induction levels of carbs (haven’t fully gotten there, but working on it!), and carefully limit our daily intake of cream and cheese.

I gave up coffee a few weeks ago, which was a major place where cream was added to my diet, and have been trying to give up no sugar added ice cream as well. I asked Brian the other night if he wanted me to make some Jello and BOOM, the unappealing thought of Jello without whipped cream smacked me upside the head. It seemed unthinkable until I stopped and thought about it.

The only reason it seems unthinkable is because I’ve always eaten them together. It’s habit. It’s tradition. It even seems wrong, somehow…but it’s surely not.

Makes me wonder how many ideas I dismiss without thinking — and with great vehemence — just because it’s different than what I’ve always done. Yet isn’t that the definition of LCHF for most of us?

Food for thought…

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