Carb-Addicted Mayor Says Goodbye to Carbs…

and 60 pounds.

Werner said he now is on his third attempt at a program he is sure is the key to what he now calls his weight loss “failures.”

“I determined over the years I’ve got a pretty aggressive carb addiction,” Werner said.

He thinks the third time might be the charm.

Between Aug. 23 and Dec. 18, the time of this interview, Werner lost slightly more than 60 pounds. He had some anxiety, he said, about hitting the 60-pound plateau again, but what he has learned by trial-and-error has made all the difference.

“I didn’t know that what I was eating was affecting what I wanted to eat or what I’d make decisions about eating later,” Werner said.

I totally get the whole eating-carbs-begets-eating-carbs thing. Here’s hoping the good mayor is filling his snacking needs with pork rinds, meats and cheese this time around. Or, as I like to think of them, The Delicious.

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