Can You Eat Anything You Want?

Short answer: No!

Let me be clear you have a choice, you always have a choice but do you really think you can eat whatever the heck you want and then enjoy good health? Really?

Let’s get real, if you want to feel better and get healthy you have to fundamentally change how you eat but, and this is important, the more you change the way you eat the more you will be able to change the way you eat. It may seem like a conundrum but it is that simple.

In a very interesting piece on PJTV writer Charlie Martin has been doing a Taubsian diet for thirteen weeks and chronicling his journey on the site. It’s a very good read. After reading the latest entry I was reading the comments when this slapped my eyes like a dead fish

When I experimented with the Atkins diet about 10 years ago, I read something in his book that convinced me I could never again have a piece of apple pie: too many carbs. I got discouraged immediately and abandoned the plan. (In reality, I can have apple pie now, but the pieces are few and far between.)

I’m wondering is this guy infant? let me rephrase his bizarre statement: I’m going to abandon the path to good health because I’ll be denied poison in the form of apple pie?

And please note that he’s an M.D.? Which sadly is not unreflective of our experiences of M.D.’s in general. Ask yourself: how much should you trust the ‘advice’ of an individual that wants you to eat carbs to lose weight?

Let’s have a little plain talk. We’re not here to try to show you how to recreate your old diet that was killing you, we’re trying to figure out how to take this new thing and make it into a delicious, nutritional way to eat and live.

So if you hold this idea, that if I can’t eat X I just won’t do the diet? Then you’re going to fail, and miserably. Sorry but there it is.  In fact I’d go so far as to suggest you might as well not bother.

Let me return to something I said above when I talked about how doing the diet helps you do the diet. Here’s how we started, we went through our kitchen and threw or gave away everything that contained carbs. All of it, gone. Then we started from scratch trying to figure out how to eat in this way in it’s own right instead of trying to shoehorn this style of eating into the old, bad way. And as you might imagine it’s been an interesting journey with ups, downs, mistakes and flashes of genius.

And to be honest I can’t tell you how many blogs I read where people seem to be trying to do just the opposite.  It seems they’re trying to figure out how to change as little as possible, to recreate bread and cookies and Apple Pie for that matter. But the problem with this approach is twofold. The first problem is you are planning to fail. If you start off trying to emulate the foods you will be ‘missing’ on this eating plan you are starting off feeding the idea that you are lacking stuff and how long will that last? (see M.D.’s comment above). Secondly, pretty much everything you think about food is upside down and crazy and wrong so why try to recreate that?

Seems to us a much better plan is to throw the whole thing out and tear it down to the ground trying to build a new way of eating that from the get go is based on these principles.

Is this easy? Of course not. We struggle every day with old bad habits and old desires but our ace in the hole is that this diet is now our default and to eat the wrong things requires going to a store and getting stuff which gives us a cooling down time and we’ve both literally gone to a store for something we shouldn’t have been getting, stood there for a minute with it in our hand, then put it back on the shelf and left the store without getting anything.

Because we’re so strong and awesome? Not even a little bit. It’s because we’ve been trying to be smart about this and so far it’s working pretty out pretty well.

Here’s the bottom line as I see it: there is no halfway here, no kinda sorta. As a wise Jedi knight once said “Do or not do, there is no try.”

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