Passive-Aggressive Baloney

Not to be confused with Oscar Mayer bologna, which is delicious.

No, this baloney is far from delicious. I realized the other day (with a little help from Brian) that I have a habit of setting myself up for failure, and I don’t like it one bit.

I can be very moody when it comes to what I feel like eating, and apparently I’ve been using this as a way to navigate myself into the position of “going off the reservation” with regards to eating. The other day nothing that we had in the house sounded good to me for lunch. Brian offered to pop out to get me some chicken strips, which is our fallback option for fast food every once in a while. Not terrible on the carbs, but not as good or healthy as anything we would have eaten at home.

I don’t like to admit this, as I prefer to view myself as an adult, but I got kind of whiney when Brian suggested his way through the list of options we had in the kitchen. I don’t want that. That doesn’t sound good. I want something else. Again, not proud of this childish behavior, but good to be aware that this is my way of maneuvering my way toward eating out, and eating something less than ideal in terms of LCHF.

We ended up going out to Arby’s for chicken strips. Not terrible in terms of carbs, but not great, either, given that they are breaded. And to make things worse, my machinations led to Brian skipping his usual chef’s salad and joining me with his own order of chicken strips.

Will try to be aware of this behavior in the future. I don’t want to be whiney. I don’t want to play Eve to Brian’s Adam where the apple=chicken strips. And I can’t stand having to admit that I indulged in one of my own worst pet peeves: passive-aggressive behavior.

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