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Skinny Student Fights to Remain at Yale

You can’t make this crap up.

frances chan

Frances Chan says she’s done stuffing her face with ice cream and Cheetos just to make Yale University happy. After months of wrangling, the university finally agrees.

The 20-year-old history major has spent the past few months sparring with Yale’s health center over her low weight. Chan is 5’2” and 92 lbs., and Yale doctors were concerned her health was severely at risk.

She contended that she’s always been very thin, as were her parents and grandparents at her age.

Yet until Friday, Yale had been telling Chan she might be forced to leave school if she didn’t put on some pounds.

One guy in comments cracked me up — wondering why she didn’t eat some really empty calories if she wanted to gain weight. ‘Cause you know how chock-a-block full of nutrition Cheetos are.

I’m sure plenty of people reading this story wish they had Chan’s problems, as opposed to the battle of the bulge. But, seriously, a small Asian woman facing expulsion from college for not weighing enough?

That would be like the Superfans being kicked out of Soldier Field for being too fat.


Gimme a break.

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Meanwiches & Stinkburgers

Kids around the Twitterverse respond to school lunches like these:

kid with crappy lunch

crappy school lunch

crappy school lunch 2

crappy school lunch 3

Unidentifiable goop accompanied by carbs, carbs, and more carbs.

You can’t fool these kids into thinking it’s appealing, edible or, for that matter, FOOD.

What they ARE certain of, evidently, is who to blame.


And it reads like a NSFW version of Kids Say the Darndest Things.

Brian here: NSFW? Goodness gravy kids those tweets are NSFS! That’s not safe for sailors! Seriously, if I used language like that in the vicinity of an adult when I was their age I would have a lovely cast for all my friends to sign. Oh tempora O mores!

Also in a related note: this made me chuckle

I’m particularly flummoxed at how little food are on those trays. I understand that none of those kids are starving but, they are kids and they need a lot of calories to grow up healthy and strong. Here are the consequences of malnutrition on kids. It feels like now that stupid lies have replaced anything resembling truth in our understanding of nutrition in the modern age all we have left are these bizarre, nonsensical Grandpa Simpson style ramblings from the alleged nutrition experts.

Seriously? Do any of those trays seem to contain anything approaching an actual meal that would satisfy, well, anyone?

Because if starving your kids strikes you as a good idea you are almost as dumb as these folk.

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Also Not Fat

Last week, amazing pictures emerged of a small Amazonian tribe that lives deep within the Brazilian jungle.

amazonian tribe

Startled tribal men in a remote part of the Amazon basin in Brazil shake their spears as they are pictured from above.

The pictures, shot from a plane earlier this week, were taken of the isolated tribe on the Peruvian border.

It is thought the tribe have had little to no contact with with the outside world.

No contact with the outside world with, I would imagine, “the outside world” including things like Coke, Twinkies and Kraft Mac & Cheese. And look, Ma — no obesity!

Wondering what, exactly, they eat in their part of the world, I used my Google skills to find this post over at Barefoot Health. Turns out they eat native fruit and vegetables (including leafy greens), lots of avocados, and plenty of meat (primarily fish, along with some wild game).

Wait! It’s almost as if a natural, low carb, high fat diet is GOOD for you or something!

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Bacon FAIL

Oh, the humanity:


A Uintah County woman is accused of trying to set fire to her ex-boyfriend’s home with a pound of bacon left burning on a gas stove.

Cameo Adawn Crispi, 31, was charged Wednesday in 8th District Court with arson, a third-degree felony.

And, yes, her name is actually Crispi. You can’t make this $h!+ up.

On behalf of bacon lovers around the world, Ms. Crispi, may I suggest that EATING your boyfriend’s bacon would have provided a much more satisfying revenge for you, and a much more painful one for him. As an added bonus, consuming his bacon would surely have proven much less likely to incur jail time.

I know, I know. Hindsight is 20/20. In closing, I simply offer this brief, pointed and ardent lesson I like to call Bacon 101:



’nuff said.

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Tap Dancing for Statins


It’s almost as if they’re trying to distract us

A couple of weeks ago one of my blog posts focused on a news story regarding the safety of statins. We were informed that ‘new evidence’ had found, except in rare circumstances, statins are no more hazardous than placebos. Yet, when one pays to get access to the actual paper on which these ‘conclusions’ were based (as I did), one realises that the authors of this paper list 6 separate reasons why statin safety data is not to be relied upon. In particular, there are several reasons why the true risk of side effects may be higher than the (inadequate) data would suggest. In this context, what compelled the lead author of the study to issue such strenuous reassurances about the safety of statins remains a mystery to me.

Be sure to read Dr. Briffa’s full take on the elaborate tap dance extravaganza that’s being mounted on behalf of statins.

Or, to sum it up visually:

wizard of oz

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I Can Name That Salad in…

Last year Brian came up with what he calls his Gigantic Dude Salad…plenty of greens to keep him regular, other assorted vegetables (tomato, cucumber, etc.) because they’re just what goes in a salad, and plenty of meat, cheese, eggs and bacon to make it both nutritious AND palatable.

It has become a staple of his diet since we went all biblio and junk, but lately I’ve taken over making them for him to take to work. In honor of the passing of the torch (or, to be more accurate, the chef knife), I think a new name is also in order for his daily smorgasbord of vegetables smothered in a generous assortment of delicious fat.

My suggestion is the My Wife Loves Me Salad, based on the comments he’s been receiving when customers see him enjoying it as he works. It goes something like this*…

CUSTOMER: Wow! That’s a huge salad!
BRIAN: Indeed. And it’s choc-a-bloc full of roast beef, cheddar cheese, boiled eggs, and BACON!
CUSTOMER: Dude. Your wife must love you.
BRIAN: (smiling with satisfaction) You know it!

(*Conversation may have been tweaked, exaggerated, or otherwise enhanced for entertainment purposes)

What do you think? Which is the best name?

dressed boy small 50

Gigantic Dude Salad


dressed girl small 50

My Wife Loves Me Salad

Let us know which name you prefer, or enter your own ridiculous name in this silly contest, in Comments.

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Bad Medicine: BMI Edition

Evidently we need to beware the advice of nurses in addition to dieticians.

anita albrecht

As a professional bodybuilder and personal trainer, Anita Albrecht’s toned physique is her living.

But on a routine visit to an NHS clinic she was stunned to be told she needed to lose weight.

After being asked to step on to the scales, she was informed she was borderline obese based on her body mass index.

A nurse then told her she needed to begin a 1,000 calorie-a-day diet, which is half the recommended amount for a woman.

Miss Albrecht, 39, yesterday said: ‘The information the nurse has given me is actually dangerous.

Albrecht, whom the nurse deemed borderline obese due to her BMI of 29, was told she was “obviously eating too much” — with no consideration of her lifestyle, level of physical activity, diet or eating habits — and that she needed to limit her caloric intake to 1,000 calories per day. She is speaking out about the encounter in the hope that she can save other women from following such reckless and dangerous advice (advice dispensed in the name of medical wisdom).

Exit question: Is there ANY part of the medical community to whom we should be listening when it comes to dietary advice? The Magic 8 Ball says…


Author: Michelle

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Actually, it CAN Hurt

Wow. Just wow.

The Diet Doctor continues to share success story after success story that will blow your mind.


I applaud this young lady’s success and second Dr. Eenfeldt’s advice to NOT listen to your dietician…unless, of course, he recommends an LCHF diet!

If you care for even more evidence why dieticians are to be ignored, read my post from last year about The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, whose expert and scientifically considered dietary recommendations boil down to “It can’t hurt.”

Author: Michelle

Obama Obesity Oopsie?


Last month the media, led by the First Lady, touted research that indicated a sharp decline in obesity among 2-5 year olds as proof that new federal nutrition guidelines were working. But researchers are now saying that it sounded too good to be true because it was too good to be true.

When the study was published in late February in the Journal of the American Medical Association, no one had a ready explanation for that astounding finding by researchers at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Indeed, it seemed to catch the experts by surprise.


But as obesity specialists take a closer look at the data, some are questioning the 43 percent claim, suggesting that it may be a statistical fluke and pointing out that similar studies find no such decrease in obesity among preschoolers.

In fact, based on the researchers’ own data, the obesity rate may have even risen rather than declined.

Skepticism is in order due to not only the small sample size, but also the lack of supporting evidence or signs of behavioral change. Not that the CDC didn’t know this…

To be sure, the CDC scientists were aware of the statistical limitations of their data, and their paper clearly stated that the findings were imprecise.

…when they released their “findings”…

Even so, a CDC press release trumpeted in its first sentence “a significant decline in obesity among children aged 2 to 5 years,” with obesity prevalence for this group showing “a decline of 43 percent.”

They are clearly just desperate to get us all eating this…


…instead of this:


Author: Michelle

The Shillby Award: Tequila Edition


Tequila to fight obesity and Type 2 diabetes?

Tequila shots may do more than lighten the mood at a party; the drink may be beneficial for your health as well.

According to researchers from Mexico, natural sugars derived from the agave plant, called agavins, greatly protected a group of mice against diet-induced obesity and type 2 diabetes, MedPage Today reported.

Among seven groups of mice being fed various diets, the group that consumed agavins (natural sugars derived from the stem of the agave plant) showed similar results to the control group, who received only water.

“We believe agavins have a great potential as a light sweetener,” Mercedes G. López, of the Centro de Incetagcioan y de Estudios Avanzados, Biotechnology and Biochemistry Irapuato, in Guanajuato, Mexico wrote in the ACS abstract. “They are sugars, highly soluble, with a low glycemic index and a neutral taste…This puts agavins in a tremendous position for their consumption by obese and diabetic people.”

Knowing the deleterious effects of sugars — all sugars — my first thought was that perhaps this research was funded by, oh I don’t know, a company that makes tequila.

Close, but no cigar.

According to the original MedPageToday report, from whence came the above-referenced Fox News article…

The study was supported by Mondelez International and Agavaceae Produce.

López is on a patent for the methodology to extract agavins.

Mondelez International is one of the world’s largest snack companies.

I didn’t find a website for a company called “Agavaceae Produce,” but agavaceae is the scientific name for the agave plant family, so I think we can figure that one out for ourselves.

And the fact that Dr. López is a patent-holder for the methodology to extract the agavins, and desribes them as having “great potential” speaks volumes…as in great potential for financial gain for patent-holders.

Sorry to be a fiesta pooper, but I think that reaching for the sombrero may have been a tad premature…


Allow me, however, to present a special three-way Shillby Award to Mondelez, Agavaceae and Dr. Lopez for their tireless efforts to sell stuff and rake in mucho dinero at the expense of your health.


Muchas gracias, amigos.

Author: Michelle